In a full turnkey operation for a conductor installation project in Tunisia for Houston-based Atlas Petroleum Group, CIS provided engineering assistance (in collaboration with a fellow Acteon company) and provided and installed three strings of 30-in. (1½-in. wall thickness) conductor.

To handle the 33 joints of 12-m pipe, CIS used the full range of conductor runningand handling equipment, including

  • 30-in. side door elevator
  • 30-in. spider bowl and hand slips to suite
  • 30-in. lightweight Gearench manual strap tongs
  • conductor rotary drive funnel
  • 30-in. safety clamp
  • TS 100-t spider bowl and drillpipe hand slips
  • conductor C-plate (false rotary).

CIS also provided two S-90 hydraulic hammers in combination with Zone II power units and three deep-penetration drive shoes to reach the customer’s required penetration depth.


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