Drive Shoes

After supplying BP Exploration with a range of conductor drive chasers (XLC-S connection) for a project in Trinidad and Tobago, CIS received a special commendation for its overall conductor driving set-up.

BP said this had contributed to the 40–50% reduction in vibration in the rig’s derrick, which had reduced the potential for dropped objects. CIS strives for this kind of efficiency on every project we work on. 

Find out more about our drive chasers - and other conductor tools - by clicking HERE.


S-150 Hammer contributes to textbook installation

A project offshore Trinidad required four 26-in. diameter, 1-in. wall thickness conductors to be batch driven to a prescribed penetration below the seabed.

Using an S-150 hammer.CIS completed the operation in textbook fashion with lower than normal levels of vibration, a feature that the client particularly valued.

CIS hammers have fast become the industry standard.


Slot Recovery

CIS has a long-standing relationship and contract in place with a client in Trinidad, and, as a result, has built up a solid reputation for experienced crews, exceptional equipment and consistently high standards.

In December 2005, we performed a slot recovery operation on a well that had previously been considered for abandonment. The operation posed many challenges, including the misalignment of the platform substructure, which gave us problems when trying to retrieve the old casing. Once the slot was cleared, we utilised our conductor whipstock and a disposable camera system to stab the whipstock into place on the old conductor stump. The new conductor string then glided off the whipstock and was successfully stabbed into the seabed.

We were able to drive the pile to refusal, and the well was drilled and completed with current methods and technologies. The slot was recovered in an operation regarded by our client as a technological success.


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