Hydraulic Release Shackle.

Hydraulic Release Shackle

Hydraulic Release Shackle (HRS) provide a remote release solution for operations when manual intervention is inappropriate due to personnel safety factors, restricted access or deep-water environments.

The shackles are provided with manufacturer certification and the HRS actuator unit is built in accordance with DNV 2.22.

LM Handling have a comprehensive HRS rental stock and bespoke HRS’s can be manufactured to incorporate features such as:

Hotstab interface
An interface to allow full WROV remote actuation. Ideal for use in deep subsea or other inaccessible operations.
WROV valve
A WROV operated valve for use as a contingency that allows manual pin release.
A pre-charged accumulator allows operation without the use of umbilicals.
Remote control
Full electronic remote control.
Hydro-acoustic Control
Remote control by hydro-acoustic technology.

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