Slot Recovery & Conductor Whipstocks.

Slot recovery & conductor whipstocks

Slot recovery is a bespoke tool and service combination developed with the sole purpose of maximising production from the existing platform infrastructure through the reuse of redundant wells.

Well redundancy may occur for a number of reasons, namely:

Where sufficient economic remaining reserves have been identified, slot recovery provides a viable cost-effective means of production recovery by driving an entirely new conductor from the redundant well slot once the existing well has been sufficiently plugged and abandoned (P&A).

Once P&A has been completed, the old conductor must be cut at a point either above or below the seabed depending on the platform guides and recovered back to surface. The new conductor is run in the hole with a conductor shearbolt whipstock fixed to the shoe joint. Once the conductor whipstock stabs into the stump of the old conductor taking the string weight, the bolts shear allowing the new conductor to slide down the conductor whipstock and land adjacent to the old well at a specified Azimuth. Standard conductor driving can then commence on the new conductor and a new well drilled and completed.

Each and every conductor whipstock tool is designed and built to order supported by sound engineering analysis to ensure safe and effective compatibility with the varying designs of wells and offshore platforms across the globe.

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