Conductor Driving.

Conductor Driving

At the very core of our expertise, CIS has installed over 950 conductors worldwide since we began in 2005. Using our very own fleet of S-90 and S-150 Hydrohammers, conductor installation by means of driving is a clean, fast, reliable and safe method of top section installation providing superior load bearing capacity and improved Well integrity.

Conductor driving is typically used to install conductor strings 20” to 42” in diameter and is an installation process with unrivalled minimum disturbance to the adjacent conductor formation providing excellent stability for the subsequent well during its construction and producing life. Versus traditional drill and set methodologies, conductor driving offers further advantages by negating the need for costly rig time for:

  • Cement Operations
  • Cement Top-ups
  • Formation Washout issues

In conjunction with client provided geotechnical data and an extensive archive of global drive logs, CIS offers extended technical assurance in the form of Conductor Drivability Assessments. Working closely with clients, the feasibility of conductor driving is theoretically evaluated in accordance with the required setting depth helping understand driving behaviour and mitigate the risks of early refusal well in advance of project execution. In addition, CIS offers a wide range of conductor handling equipment to support partial or turn key operations, for more information see our Products page.

In offshore environments, rig based conductor driving is effective on new installations in virgin formations, spare slots on existing producing platforms and open water on exploration and appraisal campaigns.

Onshore, conductor driving can be delivered similarly from land rigs or entirely offline using CIS’s purpose-built land frame. Better known as ‘rigless’, this solution has been developed to reduce rig time by installing the conductor off the critical path subsequently offering significant cost savings.

With in-depth technical and operational experience and strong links with major conductor pipe and connection OEMs, CIS has the knowledge and experience to help clients find the right solution amongst the wide range of drivable connections and drive chaser subs.

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