Second Conductor Installation on Major Gas Development Goes to Plan

GREAT YARMOUTH, England - 12 January 2016
- Conductor Installation Services Ltd (CIS), an Acteon company that provides hammer services to install conductors and drive piles, announced that it successfully completed its second conductor installation operation during the last 12 months for a leading North Sea oil and gas operator.

Work was carried out on a major gas development project in the Southern North Sea. CIS installed six 30-inch conductors on the project to form the foundations of six development wells. In addition, CIS supplied all conductor-running services, handling equipment, together with drive shoes that improve driveability by 40%.

Following completion of a comprehensive drive study, CIS crew worked with rig contractor Ensco and the operator to commence the driving operation. CIS worked from the jack-up rig Ensco 80, and used a 90 kJ hydraulic hammer to drive all six conductors to their target depth on the wellhead platform. Conductors were driven as deep as 401 feet from the rig floor to the conductor toe, reaching a depth of 158 feet below the mudline.

The installation campaign was completed on time, without delay or downtime. Once again, this operator saved time and money as a result of CIS's efforts on their behalf.

Building on success

Previously, CIS carried out a pile-driving campaign on the same development that was completed 17 hours ahead of schedule. As a result, the operator realised significant cost-savings in terms of reduced equipment rental fees, rig time and labour.

"We have worked on behalf of this operator in the North Sea many times," said Andy Penman, Group Managing Director of CIS. "Once again, the driving operation went to plan. The investment in planning, detailed drive study, technology employed and experience of our installation team contributed a great deal. The positive relationships that we share with Ensco and the operator mean that we come with a winning attitude and commitment to achieving success on every job we undertake, and this operation was no exception."

The range of services provided by CIS supports the Acteon Group's commitment to defining subsea services across a range of interconnected disciplines.

About Conductor Installation Services
Conductor Installation Services Ltd (CIS), an Acteon Company, is the only company that is solely dedicated to the process of installing conductors and piles. CIS takes responsibility for full project management of installing conductors anywhere in the world. The company's primary objective is to employ hammer services to install conductors and drive piles with the highest standard of structural integrity, reliably and safely. CIS also strives to reduce the cost of conductor and pile installation by developing more efficient work processes and using the latest state-of-the-art technology, including its remotely operated Subsea Piling System that the company developed to drive piles as large as 36-inches in diameter in water depths to 300 metres.

Since it was founded in Great Yarmouth, England in 2005, CIS has built an impressive track record of successful operations carried out in every major oil and gas-producing region. In recognition of the fact that it had not incurred a single lost time incident (LTI) for 10 consecutive years and had been awarded the prestigious Gold Award for Occupation Health and Safety for five consecutive years, CIS received the Gold Medal for Occupational Health and Safety 2015 from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). It is the highest award for safety in the United Kingdom. Learn more at

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Acteon provides a range of global subsea services from surveying, installation, asset integrity management through to decommissioning. Acteon's companies are 2H Offshore, Aquatic, Claxton, Clarus Subsea Integrity, Conductor Installation Services (CIS), Core Grouting Services, Fluke Subsea, InterAct, InterMoor, J2 Subsea, LDD, LM Handling, MENCK, Mirage Machines, NCS Survey, Offshore Installation Services (OIS), Probe Oil Tools, Pulse Structural Monitoring, Seatronics, Subsea Riser Products (SRP), TEAM Energy Resources and UTEC Survey. Acteon's companies share knowledge and experience to add value and create effective, tailored solutions for clients across four business segments: survey, monitoring and data; risers and moorings; seabed foundation technologies; and project support services. Learn more at

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Acteon provides foundations and geotechnical engineering services to add value and create effective, tailored solutions for clients. Acteon offers global expert capabilities in subsea foundations, including large-diameter hard-rock drilling, conductor and pile installation, grouting, specialist handling services and high-energy hammers. An extensive inventory of specialist equipment, leading engineering capabilities and innovative specialist foundation components characterise Acteon's offering.

The operation took place in the Southern Nort

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