CIS is an Acteon company

Acteon has an outstanding portfolio of complimentary products and services for the subsea marketplace. The experience shared by Acteon companies opens the opportunity for a fresh approach to subsea operations and services.

Working together... With a fresh approach. CIS maintains close links with our group sister companies in order to ensure clients benefit our unique mix of skills. There are 14 companies in the group, linking seabed to surface across a broad range of disciplines. CIS regularly works with the following:


Claxton provides conductor systems engineering and installation; structural and drilling engineering, decommissioning services, risers and associated tooling, drilling templates, tiebacks and centralisers. 


Menck delivers pile driving, underwater hammers and geotechnical engineering.

2H Offshore

2H leads the way riser engineering, installation, minimum facilities platforms and monitoring.


Intermoor is a global leader in mooring system design and installation.


TEAM is a specialist oil and gas engineering recruitment business.

Mirage Machines

Mirage manufactures portable on-site machines and tooling packages for a range of applications.

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