As part of its comprehensive conductor installation service, CIS cold cuts the conductor once it has been driven into the seabed. In addition, internal and external bevels are cut to suit client specifications. This leaves the client with a fully installed conductor that is ready for wellhead installation. CIS uses lightweight, slimline, Zone I cold-cutting tools so that work can be carried out on platforms that have live producing wells without loss of production.

About the technology
The company's air-driven cutting machines are suitable for use in hazardous environments. Their lightweight sectional design means the machines are simple to install around casing, and they also are easily adjustable for cutting at a range of part-off heights. In addition, the cold-cutting operations are classified as cold work, so no hot-work permit is required.

Adding value
CIS's cold-cutting techniques can unlock benefi ts such as:

  • enhanced safety. No heat or sparks are produced that could ignite hydrocarbons in casing annuli.
  • compressed timelines. The pipe is cut and bevelled simultaneously.
  • smooth project execution. The machine-fi nished internal and external bevels
  • aid fitting of the wellhead and ensure that the bottomhole assembly can pass
  • through the conductor without restriction.
  • improved flexibility. Tools can be adjusted to suit most wellhead types.

Operating data

  • Hazardous area classification: Zone I, hot-work permit not required
  • Time required to cut a 30-in. conductor (1-in. wall thickness): 45 minutes
  • Finish: Internal and external bevel

CIS's cold-cutting tools can cut conductors ranging from 20 to 36 in. and casings from 7 to 20 in.

Project profile
It was imperative for the operator of several platforms in West Africa to expedite its conductor installation projects. The operator commissioned CIS to provide cold cutting services, in part because its lightweight, slimline cutting tools could be used on platforms with live producing wells without loss of production. The company also recognised that CIS brought significant expertise in cold-cutting techniques. The relationship has since continued for several years.

Cold Cutting 001
  • Cold Cutting 001

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